Club History


The Wharton Club of Russia serves Russia-oriented alumni of the Wharton School. The Club facilitates communication and strengthen links between alumni, and enable other parties to connect with Wharton alumni in Russia. Principal Club activities include regular member gatherings and updates, maintaining up-to-date, relevant, and accessible member information, as well as facilitating ad-hoc events and communications.

The club was founded in 1998 by Vladimir Ashurkov and further developed by Ben Wilkening, George Kikvadze, and Shiv Khemka. The most prominent event in Club history was the Wharton Global Alumni Forum, organized in 2004 in Moscow by active club members under the leadership of Shiv Khemka and George Kikvadze.

The Club is managed by the President and the Board according to By-Laws (Club Members: please follow this link to find By-Laws document).

The Club aims to provide Russia-based Wharton graduates with opportunities for business and career development, principally via networking opportunities in a community with shared interests, experience, and a strong bond to our Wharton experience. Up-to-date and relevant information is vital in a fast-moving economy like Russia, so maintaining an up-to-date member database containing relevant information to assist members is a core activity of the club.

The Wharton Club of Russia also offers an avenue to our senior Club members who have already successfully developed their businesses and careers. To such esteemed Members our Club provides opportunities for giving back to the community from which they emerged and for sharing their valuable experience with those who truly need it. Club events are designed to facilitate such exchange.

We invite all Wharton graduates interested in Russia to join our Club!